Cemeteries on 35mm

This is the first round of cemeteries I captured on 35mm during 2021. Films stocks vary from Ektar to whatever Fuji is on sale at Walmart right now. These are the scans I got from the lab–my original plan was to cherry pick my favorites and re-scan them at home, but you can imagine how that went.

However, a couple of these (and a few that are still sitting on my hard drive) will probably end up in Absent from The Body.

I love shooting with my uncle’s 16mm — I’ve spent years shooting with crappy plastic or unremarkable knockoff fisheye lenses and this thing blew my mind. I was really hoping the FTZ II adapter would have an autofocus motor so I could use this thing to it’s full capacity on my Z5, but it looks like I’m shit out of luck there. It’s still a particularly interesting lens to use in cemeteries.

These rolls were developed and scanned by Memphis Film Lab using their Grandma’s Attic special, which I think is a spectacular deal. I’m honestly exhausted at the very idea of developing my own film at home anymore. It’s strange when I think I used to develop anywhere from 5 to 30 rolls a WEEK!