60 Something Skies

Spending the year with my Z5 has been a great way to fall back in love with photography. One thing I’ve grown quite fond of is shooting these big Kansas skies with my uncle’s 16mm. Most fish eye and wide angle lenses I’ve ever shot with have been toys in the best case scenario, cheaply made knock-offs in the worst. So using this lens has been an absolute eye opener as to what a real wide angle lens can do.

The only thing I don’t love is the lack of focus motor, meaning I can only use it in manual focus. A little tricky when it comes to photographing this little weirdo, but it’s helping me make some breathtaking Kansas landscapes.

I put together this TikTok of my favorite skies from the year and thought I could gather them all here together for viewing. They flash by pretty fast in the video.

In complete transparency, the majority of these are off the Z5, but there’s a couple iPhone shots in there as well.