35mm Photo Booth

I’m working on a presentation that has me digging in the archives, all the way back to my film days and these “Photo Booth” photos I shot in 2014. I did these with one of my all time favorite cameras, the Canonet QL17 GIII. I was never much of a rangefinder gal, but something about this snappy little thing made me fall in love.

I had a little vintage Ansco flash on it, something I dug out of my local camera shop’s bargain bin for $5 and used the self timer for every shot. I used to have so much patience!

One roll is some Fuji Superia and one is a film I haven’t seen in years that I purchased from the Film Photography Project: Hypercolor 125. I can’t find any information on it now, but it looks like I shot around a dozen rolls of it in 2014. It was a really funky little film that only got more interesting when I developed it at home in my sink.