Alfie’s May 2022 Portrait

One of my goals this year is to shoot an in studio portrait of Alfie each month, and a matching self portrait if I can manage it. I’ve been doing a great job at getting them shot, but not so great at getting them edited and fully finished. It has been a fun project either way, giving me at least one good prompt to shoot every month.

I somehow managed to shoot these ones with the stool as 2MP jpgs — I was shooting with the Snapbridge app, and apparently didn’t have a memory card loaded in the 1st slot so the only place they saved was on Snapbridge? That app is absolutely awful and I wish there was a better alternative because I love the idea of being able to use my phone as a remote. But it constantly crashes and the focus issues can be abysmal.

I still really love them, even if they’re comically small.