2022 Capital City Cluster

Had such an excellent time at the Capital City Cluster dog show here in Topeka this year! Now that I’m not working with dogs professionally, I’m having a lot of fun exploring all the different ways I can fit them into my life. I’ve been doing some volunteering for the local kennel club and I spent the weekend ring stewarding for the first time, but I also had a chance to shoot a little bit. My uncle’s D500 and 80-200mm came in quite handy.

I was mostly shooting some of my favorite Boxers –that’ll be a whole other post!– but I managed to get in a couple laps around the arena during the tail end of the show on Sunday.

I guess I shot enough that there will probably be a couple of dog show posts before I wrap it up just in time to head to the next show here in a few weeks. Poor Alfie will have to adjust to sharing his blog space.

This pair might have been my favorite of the weekend–I’m enamored with that drool rag. Your bestie could never.