I’ve known Fiona longer than I’ve known some of my human friends, and it was so nice to meet up for these gorgeous end-of-fall shots. She’s a Glen of Imaal terrier, the first I’ve ever met outside of a conformation ring and one of my first clients from back when I did small-group day care.

I am always so happy with this location — I shot Khaos and Noodle there earlier this year — because it offers a great variety in a super-small spot. And as frustrated as I’m feeling with my Nikon Z5 as an event camera, I really don’t have any complaints when it comes to it’s portrait work.

While this isn’t my last scheduled shoot of the year, we’re definitely running out of time for 2022 shoots. Between the new job, new hobbies, always-ongoing-adventures with Alfie and the general grind of “life”, I really didn’t get out and do as many photoshoots this year as I would have liked. I guess I made up for it in shooting dog shows and actually attending events, but still! Maybe 2023 will be my year of consistent portrait shoots? But with the way things are looking, 2023 might just be a big year for dog shows.. and agility.. and so much more!