Happy Birthday, Alfie

It might have been months since I’ve posted, but it’s not for lack of things happening. I’ve been shooting events almost every weekend, and I’m still coming down off the cloud that was getting to attend the BTCA Nationals this year!

While I was out of town shooting SMDTC’s June FastCAT event, my sweet boy turned 4 years old. We usually celebrate with a photoshoot, but I just haven’t had a spare moment to get into the studio and do a proper “photoshoot”. I think these snapshots at the lake work just as good.

My favorite present this year was his new collar from Maple Dog Creations, a very cool creator in Minnesota who upcycles all sorts of things into unique, exceptionally well made accessories for dogs. I love him in blue/greens, and this fits right into his growing “water” themed collection of collars. Definitely going to be keeping my eye on this shop to see what they offer in the future!

One reason beyond the event galleries, design deadlines and general life-ness that I haven’t had a lot of time for Alfie photoshoots is the arrival of two new foster puppies. Our first for 2023: Artemis and McPoyle. I have no plans for foster failing, but if I did, it would be with a dog like McPoyle. They have been Alfie’s favorite present for sure, he loves having a couple of puppies to chase around.