Alfie & the Tulips

Ward Meade Tulips
Alfie at Ward Mead Botanical Gardens

Here’s a real deep dive back to my first month or two with the Z5. There’s no lens information stored with this, so that means I was using one of the older lenses I inherited from my uncle–a 50mm and a mystery lens I can’t remember off hand I jump to when I want to really lean into a film look. I hardly miss having auto focus, considering I spent so many years without it before the Z5. It’s nothing special, but I just love how soft and dreamy it is.

This is one of our favorite locations no matter what time of year it is — Ward Meade Botanical Gardens. I can find somewhere gorgeous and unique to shoot every time we visit, between the gardens and the historical buildings. This had to have been one of our first visits with the Z5, and I’m excited to have more of a game plan this year when it comes to shooting these tulips!