Our 1st Trip Downtown

I was inspired to go revisit these photos from April 2021 after a recent walk me and Alf took here in downtown Topeka. This was the first time we really “went out” with the Z5 and we were still rocking the 24-50mm kit lens. I was also obsessed with getting some good shots of a jean jacket I’d embroidered for him.

The embroidery is a Ruby Taylor x DMC pattern on a jacket I picked up off AliExpress. If you can believe it, this is actually Alf’s second jean jacket–he grew out of the first one so quick. I love the little candy heart on his lapel. It ended up matching his personality perfectly.

I love looking back at photos from when we first got this camera–we’ve had a few major upgrades in the last year, and it’s fun to see how it’s affecting my style. While I didn’t have this kit lens very long, it wasn’t as bad as most kit lenses I’ve used. I don’t regret trading it for the 85mm, though.

I’ve also managed to teach Alfie one or two new things to do in front of the camera, although I can totally see the beginnings of his classic “Blue Steel” look forming in these photos..