Happy Valentines Day!

I might have went a little overboard putting together Valentines Day sets this year — I managed to craft two out of a single idea that got a little out of hand. It all started when I saw these cute floral letters at a thrift shop..

Unfortunately, I couldn’t swing the $50 EACH they were asking for, so I went home and made some of my own. Just took cardboard, a bag of hot glue sticks and half my stash of plastic flowers. I still don’t know how I lucked out and had so many pink ones. I cut some cardboard to size (thanks Chewy.com for always providing the biggest, sturdiest boxes) and just went to town stabbing small holes, filling them with hot glue and sticking the flowers in. Took me a whole afternoon, but I saved myself $100.

Shot both of these test shots on what might be the cheapest lens I’ve ever owned, a Yongnuo 50mm I picked up in a pinch when I needed a 50 to shoot on my N70. It has some pretty decent reviews, but I find it to be pretty finicky–and LOUD! The focus is slow too, but that’s not such a problem when we’re in the studio.

I’ve got a pretty great Valentines Day surprise in the works, and I really can’t wait to share those pictures!