Silicone Dog Tag from Besties!

Last December, I stumbled across the cutest silicone dog tags I’ve ever seen: Besties. I snatched up the Spaced Out tag immediately (even though the Pizza My Heart was a close second–for a boy and his mother!) and totally loved it.

Loved this hoodie/harness combo!
Lost Art Harness from Wolfgang USA

Until this autumn, when I left it somewhere on the west edge of Geary Lake. Not only did we lose the tag, we lost his first harness, too. I even went back on a rescue mission to get it –because I know exactly where I dropped it! I even have this ominous “last photo“– but it was nowhere to be found.

November 2021

So it was back to Besties where I ordered a Spaced Out replacement. I love the design so much, I just couldn’t go with something different. Plus, I’m so sentimental–this was Alfie’s first big boy tag, after all. As a bit of a suprise, we also got our hands on their new Design Your Own tag, too. Of course, we went with the Space Cadet option, on gray!

A brown Boston Terrier wearing a grey silicone dog tag that reads "Alfie"

Isn’t he the most out of this world boy? We’re expecting a boat load of snow this evening, but it was still nice enough this morning to get out for a quick impromptu photoshoot at the tennis court down the street.

I’m not sure I could ever go back to plain old metal tags after switching to silicone dog tags. I’ve seen some hand stamped ones that I like, but silicone has so many advantages for a dog who gets as dirty as Alf does. Honestly, it really makes me want to look into biothane for our next harness/leash. I’ve heard great things, and I’ve seen some really fun designs on Etsy. They’re more expensive, but I really think it would be worth it, with as much time as we spend at the lake.

A brown Boston Terrier wearing a grey silicone dog tag that reads "Alfie"