Gallery from the event is up!

What a way to spend a Sunday! I have attended a few FastCAT events with my boxer friends as a spectator and participant, but I’ve never had the opportunity to photograph one. So when I saw the Springfield Dog Training Club hosting a Fun Run event, I couldn’t help but reach out and ask if I could show up and shoot. Not only was I happily welcomed, the event was an absolute blast and I even got to give Alfie a chance to chase the lure! He had zero interest in it, but it was still fun. And a great chance for me to get my uncle’s D500 out to do what it does best.

If you’re not a crazy dog person, FastCAT, a Coursing Ability Test, is “a timed 100-yard dash where dogs run one at a time, chasing a lure” and it’s a great way to work with your dog’s natural prey drive. Dogs of all kinds can participate and it’s always a joy to see dogs doing what they love. I thought shooting dog shows was fun, but FastCAT is even better!

Speaking of fun, it’s now time for me to go sort through the 5000+ photos I shot so that I can get a gallery up for all the runners. It’s all fun and games shooting a million frames a second until you have to come home and cull them, right? If anyone needs me, I’ll be chained to Lightroom for the next few hours.