Angel Alfie

I bought Alfie these cute little angel wings before Halloween, but didn’t end up getting him in them and photographed until after Thanksgiving. And here I am, the day after Christmas, finally getting them edited (and retroactively posted!). I have been feeling completely disenchanted with my studio lately — too small, too much equipment, too small!!! — but I spent the first part of my holiday break getting it cleaned and hope to at least spend a couple days in there before I head back to work next year.

I really cannot believe how fast this year has flown by and it’s making me absolutely PANIC for next year! I want to shoot some more dog sports and I want to go to more dog shows and meet more breeders and do more agility training and volunteer at trials and and and I can’t forget about adventures with Alfie, like the Kansas Waterfall road trip I’ve started to dream up! I’ll never get it all done if 2023 goes by as fast as 2022 did.