Alfie’s New Clothes

Can’t get enough of these matching Sparkpaw dog hoodies we got the other day. Alfie’s wardrobe is immense, most of his pieces are actually hand made (because I’m that insufferable), but I’ve never been able to nail the fit of a hoodie this way. Plus, it turns out it isn’t always cheaper to do things yourself. it can be more than worth it to just let someone else do the hard work for something cute.

The fit is so perfect and the quality is so nice, I want to chuck out all his other hoodies and replace them with Sparkpaws — especially since I just saw they added two new colors. But honestly, he doesn’t need a single thing with how mild this winter has been. But he’s still a good sport and wears them out so I can get some cute photos.

Mostly including this last one to document that absolutely massive neck fat roll. It’s a very luxurious compliment to the velvet tie dye hoodie.