Pandemic Self Portraits : New Portfolio Gallery

Added another new page to my portfolio — All the self portraits I’ve taken throughout the pandemic. A departure from my old work, but I still see a little bit of Old Me in these. Some from earlier this year I’ve never published anywhere before. But I’ve fallen in love with them after some time and space.

Self Portrait in August 2021, a hand with six stitches on the knuckle holding a huge yellow sunflower against a muted blue backdrop.
“Big Sunflower” August 2021 — A prime example of my need to make the most out of the worst situations.

Sometimes I wonder if I will ever get back to where I was in terms of self portraits and what I’m willing to share with a wide audience. I still have such a bad taste in my mouth from my youthful “alt photographer” days, but I feel like I’m at least on the right path to putting myself back out there.

I have just sent off an application for a local artist workshop I will hopefully snag a spot in. Made an honest-to-God submission to a Portraits show sometime later this spring, too. Not sure if I’m ready for rejections this early in the year, but I’m feeling strangely optimistic. Wish me luck!