Goodbye, January!

Enjoy this shot of my fearless boy slaying dragons & embodying the attitude I would like to carry with me the rest of this year as we say goodbye to January (already).

Goodbye January
King Alfie the (Barkbox) Dragon Slayer

Spent some time in the studio last night with Alfie, contemplating how goddamn fast this past month has zoomed by. 2022 is already starting to feel like it’s getting away from me. But that means spring is coming all the faster, so I can’t really complain.

Tried to take some treat toss test shots, but I forgot one important detail: I’ve never taught this poor guy to catch treats, and I guess it doesn’t come naturally. No comment on my ability to actually toss a treat he could catch.

Add “Catch” to the list of things I’d like for him to learn this year, including: Sit Pretty, Flat Down and we’re going to conquer a steady, long Wait if it kills us.