Action Alfie

Shot with the NIKKOR Z 40mm

When it comes to dog photography, action shots are definitely my weak spot. Not because I don’t like them, but because I just haven’t mastered my gear in that aspect. Sometimes I regret my decision to go with the Nikon Z system when I see shots from photographers working with Sonys and Canons, because I feel like the auto-focus system is a little lacking. Especially on the Z5.

But, I have been having better luck ever since I picked up that 40mm F2 Z series lens, and I’m sure some of it is user error because I’m usually so off-the-cuff when I’m doing an outdoor dog shoot. And why does Nikon’s Animal Eye Focus Tracking immediately lock onto Alfie’s weird little nostrils, instead of his huge, obviously-eyes eyes?!

Shot with the NIKKOR Z 40mm

I couldn’t be happier with the results when I do nail it, though. I don’t know what they’re putting in those NIKKOR Z lenses, but I’m ready to get my hands on more.

I *thought* the Viltroxes were pretty snappy, but the eye tracking is so much better and the autofocus so much faster with the native Z lens. But you literally can’t beat the quality for the price on the Viltrox lenses when they’re the only 3rd party option available for the Z series.

And now that I’m shooting more moving dogs, I’m also living with the nagging regret that I should have went with one of the higher-end Z models. I originally went with the Z5 because I had zero interest in video and just wanted a full frame Nikon without a ton of bells and whistles. Now I think I should have stepped up to at least the Z6II.

Shot with the Viltrox 35mm in Summer ’21
Shot with the NIKKOR Z 40mm

Let’s wrap up with probably the best action shot I’ve managed to grab so far, and I snapped it almost on accident, featuring our adorable little foster puppy. Alfie loved having a puppy around, it was a blast watching the two of them play.