All Alfie : New Portfolio Gallery

I’ve been meaning to give Alfie his own gallery over on my portfolio. It’s hard to reel it in and not post all 10k photos I shot of him in the last year, but I wanted somewhere I could put our best shots. He is, after all, the best dog model I’ve ever seen.

We shot his February photo the other day, and that was kick in the butt I needed to get the gallery up. It’s seriously just a fraction of what will eventually be there, and we’ll only get back to shooting even more once the weather warms up!

We have had a foster puppy staying with us the last week, and seeing him next to Alfie makes me realize how grown up my boy is. I feel like it took him awhile to really mature, but we’re finally getting there. Now if I could just get him to point both his eyes in the same direction..