Alfie in the Tulips 2022

So happy with our “glow up” from the tulips last year to the tulips this year. We’ve had a couple of great lens upgrades and we’re still learning new things about the Z5 pretty much every time we go shoot.. And of course, Alfie’s modeling skills have.. well, um, they’ve certainly not gotten any worse.

I’ve crossed off two out of three tulip locations I wanted to shoot this year so far–these were taken at a park near my house, and just last night we managed to take advantage of some cloudy skies and snap some good stuff at a tulip garden that is usually shoulder-to-shoulder busy. The last place I want to check out is the place we shot our tulip photos last year, but the weather has been less than spring-like, honestly.

The tulips were great, but the real star was the pink crabapple tree that was starting to bloom..we’ve been on the hunt for gorgeous pink trees this year, and these might be my jackpot photos for that goal!